Work Better. Introducing REACH FOR IT Red Logo Muuv Improves Productivity by enhancing
concentration and minimising
fatigue and pain.
Achieve More. Introducing HIT YOUR MARK Red Logo Muuv When you feel your best
you are energised to perform your best.
Sit Smarter. Introducing LEARN MORE Red Logo Muuv Muuv is the only chair that has
healthy human posture at the
core of its design.

Your Personal Posture Coach.

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Positioned to succeed Muuv Australia

Positioned to Succeed.
When you feel better, you achieve more. Muuv’s innovative column structure replicates the curve of your spine, promoting proper alignment as it conforms to your body, reducing pain and fatigue, giving you energy to achieve more.

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Supporting every muuv Muuv Australia

Supporting Every Muuv.
Seating shouldn’t be sedentary. Muuv’s “Dynamic Ergonomics” approach supports four degrees of freedom: Recline, Bend, Rotate, and Elongate. This flexibility is the key to counteracting a long, desk-bound day.

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Continual bio-feedback Muuv Australia

Continual Bio-Feedback.
Developed with guidance from a physical therapist, Muuv triggers “bio feedback” and physiological benefits accessible simply by sitting. Its anatomy and kinesiology-focused engineering reinforces perfect posture and stress free movement.

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